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Nutritious Foods For Kids

Children need enough nutrients to grow and develop with healthy. Therefore, children should be regularly eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, children should also avoid processed foods and snacks is too much sugar, because this can weaken their immune system and adversely affect health.

Nutritional food for children is different with adults. Children need a lot of calories but few nutrients to grow well, but low-fat diet is recommended both for children and adults. Meanwhile, the toddler needs a diet that contains the amount of fat a good.

And here is a Nutritious Food For Children

1. Salmon. 

Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids which have an important role in the growth and development of brain function child. Children who consume omega 3 will have a mind that is sharp and become more intelligent.

2. The milk and Yogurt.

 Contains rich protein, vitamin D, vitamin B, which serves as the growth of the tissues of the brain neuro transmitter and en…

Food Diet Mandatory Held in the Fridge

Food Diet Mandatory Held in the Fridge

A lot of people fail to diet because of the food stored in the refrigerator is often tempting to eat. The refrigerator is often used as a means of storing snacks and high-calorie foods in the refrigerator such as cake tempting, fizzy drinks and candy or the jelly variety of flavors. How many times a day people open the fridge just to see what's in there, as a result people often eat not because their stomach is hungry but only meet the curiosity.

Many of us fill the fridge with colorful fruits and vegetables but healthy food is still buried in a drawer rack in the bottom of the refrigerator. How to support Your diet program? Surely by replacing the entire contents of the refrigerator with healthy foods but still can arouse Your appetite. Here are 9 foods diet mandatory held in the fridge.

Fruit Salad

Grab the fruit from Your shelf and bowl of fruit and turn it into a delicious fruit salad, mixed with fruit juice high in vitamin C (to keep fruit f…