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The benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant women

The benefits of Coconut Water 

The benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant women – Every married couple definitely wants to have children as the next generation of them. There is a phase that must be passed to get a child, i.e. the period of pregnancy. When pregnant a mother should really maintain the health of his body, because he also has the responsibility to maintain the health of the fetus in her womb.

Ideally, the period of pregnancy lasts for 9 months 10 days. With the time not less than one year that an expectant mother is required to always run a healthy lifestyle, such as insufficient intake of nutrients needed by the pregnant mother and her fetus, enough rest and doing exercise regularly (it is recommended to do light exercise. If you already implement a healthy lifestyle every day, most likely the delivery process will run with normal condition of mother and baby healthy.
The benefits of Coconut Water 

There are many foods and drinks that can be selected to complement your intake of nutrients needed by pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should make sure every nutritional content of foods and beverages that will be consumed. One type of good drinks to be consumed by pregnant women is coconut water.

Based on the information taken from the, in coconut water, there are substances and compounds that are beneficial for pregnant women. Among them are fiber, protein, carbohydrates, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and many more nutrients.
The benefits of Coconut Water 

Thus, no wonder if the coconut water is touted to have many benefits for pregnant women. Therefore, know some of the benefits of coconut water for pregnant women who Diana li sir of This is the benefits of coconut water for pregnant women:

7 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant women

Acts As A Natural Diuretic

In addition to refreshing when to drink, coconut water also acts as a natural diuretic that sterile and coconut water has also been proven to expedite the process of excretion of urine so it can help nourish the urinary tract.
The benefits of Coconut Water 

Energy Enhancer

As an isotonic beverage naturally rich in minerals and electrolytes, the water head of the function to avoid dehydration and can be used to add to the energy of the expectant mother so that is not easy to feel tired.

Help Digestion During Pregnancy

In the period of pregnancy, the placenta woman will produce the hormone progesterone which can make the function of the stomach is hampered, as a result of muscle contractions of the digestive system to be slowed down. To the increasing, can be done by drinking coconut water.

The benefits of Coconut Water 

Increase The Levels Of Good Cholesterol

Coconut water has no cholesterol content and has fat content in a little amount. Thus, coconut water has the ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

Make The Body Become Healthy

Lauric acid found in coconut water. The content of lauric acid has the similarity properties similar to breast MILK, i.e. as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-viral, so it will make the mother and her fetus free from the threat of disease.

The benefits of Coconut Water 

Excrete Toxins in The Body

Properties a natural diuretic which is owned by the coconut water has an ability to remove toxic substances in the body in form of urine, so the body of the mother and her fetus is free of toxic substances that are dangerous.

Clear Amniotic Fluid

Consume coconut water in the 6 – month 9 pregnancy can clear amniotic fluid, so the delivery process to be smooth.
The benefits of Coconut Water 

Thus, it can be concluded that consuming coconut water regularly is beneficial for the health of the body of the expectant mother and can help the development of the fetus optimally and can make the fetus grow healthy. Coconut water is recommended for consumption by pregnant women is coconut water because it has a high content of nutrients and the benefits are more compared to water derived from coconuts that are old.

Although coconut water has many benefits for pregnant women, however, should not be consumed in excess. Consume coconut water excessively while pregnant can cause flatulence that causes a sense of uncomfortable because the stomach will feel full or fullness.