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Benefits of Avocado for hair

benefits of Avocado for hair

benefits of Avocado for hair

Nature has been offering various kinds of fruits delicious and scrumptious for consumption. However, on this occasion only to be discussed about the fruit of the avocado. The avocado is a fruit with savory taste with a soft texture. There are many types of the fruit of the avocado but the most famous are the avocado butter because it has thick meat, the seed is small and the color of the flesh of the fruit is almost similar to butter. Any kind, all the avocados have nutritional and similar benefits.
benefits of Avocado for hair

in 100 grams of the fruit, there is an avocado nutritional form of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin Echlorophyll, beta-carotene, calories, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber. [1] thanks to the presence of the nutritional make avocado fruits beneficial for hair. This is proven because there have been many beauty and hair care products that use avocado fruit as one composition.

benefits of avocado for hair are as follows:
benefits of Avocado for hair

5 benefits of Avocado for hair

Troubleshooting Hair Branching

Usually, to solve hair problems is done by cutting the ends of the branched hairs. For a woman who loves long hair, cut off most of her hair is a decision that is difficult to do. Do not worry, because there are other ways that can be done to address the problem of hair branching, i.e. by using the fruit of avocado. Natural oil content contained in it serves to nourish the hair to the ends of the hair so that it can cope with branched, repairing the damaged ends of the hair and protect the strength of the hair.
benefits of Avocado for hair

Speed Up Hair Growth

Have thin hair or short, usually, make some women feel inadequate. To solve it, they usually chose to use medicinal hair grower. However, there are other ways that can be done to speed up the hair growth, i.e. by using the mask with avocado. If used regularly avocado fruit masks can stimulate and accelerate the growth of hair, so hair becomes more dense and fast, high volume long.
benefits of Avocado for hair

Useful As A Natural Conditioner

If want to try to use natural conditioner, should try to use Avocados. Protein, vitamin E and vegetable oils contained in the fruit of avocado has the ability to smooth the hair so that the fruit can be used as a natural conditioner. The trick is, use a mask or a paste of avocado to smeared are instructed on the scalp and hair, let sit for 10-15 minutes then wipe using a shampoo. 
benefits of Avocado for hair

Cope With Hair Loss

Hair Kerontokkan hair due to lack of intake of nutrients so that the hair becomes brittle, easily fractured and loss. If not immediately addressed, hair loss will cause the onset of balding. To resolve it can be done using a hair treatment with avocado.
benefits of Avocado for hair

Moisturize Hair

In oil content and other nutrients in avocados can be used to moisturize the hair. In addition, the content in it can also be used to nourish the hair and makes hair become healthier.
After learning the benefits of avocado for hair, it felt incomplete if you don't know how to make. 

Ways of making avocado mask are easy enough to do, namely to prepare 1 piece avocado, putting away seeds, take the flesh using a spoon to put into a container or bowl. After that, add a little water and the tubular avocado until smooth as a paste or porridge. Once it is ready, apply gradually on the whole of the hair evenly. Let sit for a moment, about 10 – 15 minutes, then wash your hair use a shampoo.

To get maximum results, do it that way on a regular basis.