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What Are Healthy Foods To Eat For Breakfast

Always start the day without breakfast? Try to change old habits. With breakfast, the body becomes more energized and ready to face the multitude of daily activities. But before, make sure You fill the stomach by consuming a healthier breakfast menu.
In addition to making the body energized, consume a healthier breakfast menu can give other positive effects to health, such as weight control, improve concentration and performance, as well as prevent the increasing cholesterol levels.

So, intake of anything that should be there in the breakfast menu healthy? Maybe some people think the intake of a good consumed at breakfast are carbohydrate foods like cereal bars that are low in fiber or white bread white. But that assumption is wrong. Both types of these foods is refined carbohydrates which is not good for health. Eating refined carbohydrates can trigger insulin levels or blood sugar to increase.
A good carbohydrate to be consumed at breakfast are foods made from whole grains (brown rice,…

Watermelon And Its Benefits To Health

Watermelon And Its Benefits To Health

The watermelon and the Benefits it can be very helpful to our health. This fruit may not be a favorite fruit such as apples and oranges, but the benefits to the body are very large. Watermelon is one fruit that is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and A which will protect us from various diseases. The texture is rich in water can prevent us from dehydration. Nothing can beat the fresh watermelon in the air that heat and make sure to eat your watermelon not only on a hot day because the many benefits that we will be able to enter a watermelon as a menu favorite for our daily.

Watermelon And Its Benefits To Health

Watermelon is actually quite popular, but a lot of people who just make the watermelon as a fruit interlude to the day, without knowing the variety of Watermelon And their Benefits. Many benefits of watermelon. However watermelon is cut or processed, we will get the benefits of vitamin C and A, in particular of the content of beta-caroten…