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Healthy Foods For Asthma

Healthy Foods For Asthma

Asthma is one type of disease that attacks the respiratory.This disease occurs when the airways are narrowed that causes the sufferer will have difficulty breathing, breath short, panting for breath and accompanied by chest tightness and a little pain.

This disease surely could not be considered as a mild disease that can be ignored just like that. Because of the attacks of asthma would be enough at risk to the sufferer. In addition to taste the pain on the part of the respiratory tract, other aspects which will also aggravate this condition is when the sense of panic that comes along with asthma attack. 

When a man having an asthma attack feel panic at the same time, then what happens is that it will be increasingly difficult to regulate her breathing, or give first aid to the ailment. In the worst conditions, this will cause the patient is unconscious or if it is not treated immediately, death will be a very scary thing.
Healthy Foods For Asthma

The Symptoms Of Asthma

The same is the case with other diseases, asthma can arise with some of the symptoms before it spread and developed into acute illness. However, delays in diagnosis of people with asthma usually influenced by the patient itself who feel reluctant to have a check up health.

As for symptoms of asthma that will may be incurred are :

• Frequent masonry, especially at night but look normal during the day
• Sleep disturbance at night due to tightness on the chest
• Feeling restless
• Not excited by the feeling of suffocation suffered
• Difficult to regulate the breath

Some of the symptoms above usually indicate a person is experiencing asthma. However, the asthma suffered by a person usually will be experienced gradually, starting from the disease mild asthma until the disease is acute asthma. For this reason, it is essential to provide early intervention when a person is suffering from this disease before it's too late and the disease develops into acute illness.

Healthy Foods For Asthma

Trigger Disease Asthma

As for the trigger of this disease arise in patients are caused by several things below:

1. Genetic factors or derivatives
2. Dirty environmental conditions
3. Air condition
4. Exposure to the mites are inhaled and enter the respiratory tract
5. Food allergies
6. Substances allergens that enter into the body
7. The condition of the house which is dirty
8. Exposure to fungi
9. Air pollution or dirty air

Tackle Asthma with the Consumption of Healthy Food

The risk of attacks of asthma does interfere and make the activity be deterred. For this reason, it is essential to find ways and solutions so that this disease can be cured. Unfortunately, up to this time the treatment is carried out is not intended to cure respiratory diseases to the total. Because there has been no treatment that can cure the with the overall. As for the treatment carried out by doctors to patients with asthma that is focused to relieve the symptoms , as well as the impact.

However, apparently in addition to the drugs given from the doctor, overcome asthma can also be done with the consumption of some healthy foods that are safe for people with asthma. Although there has been no research that proves that there are certain foods that can heal asthma, but it would be better if everyone can keep nutrition in her body to be free of the risk of asthma.

Well, here are some types of certain foods and drinks that can be consumed by people with asthma that are safe.

1. Banana
Healthy Foods For Asthma

Banana fruit is one kind of fruit much liked by the people of Indonesia. It turns out that, in addition to its delicious taste, this fruit also has properties that are good to help make the respiratory system become stronger.

This was also proved by British study, children who consumed one banana every day, have the risk as much as 34 % more rendang is experiencing symptoms of asthma such as wheezing. The results of this study are actually not too surprising if considering the fruit banana is the best source pyridoxie or also known as vitamin B6. Which vitamin B6 plays a good role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and cyclic adenosine monofasfat (cAMP). These molecules have been proven to help smooth muscle tissue of the bronchi become more relaxed.

2. Spinach
Healthy Foods For Asthma

The consumption of green leaves, this one is often associated with the consumption of healthy food. Don't be surprised if the efficacy of spinach in this until it was appointed to the glass screen be a super food for the Popeye the sailors who where in the film illustrates just how strong the sailor after consume this vegetable.

Well, talking about the benefits and efficacy of, apparently staying away from this vegetable can also be beneficial to fight and prevent the disease of asthma. This is because a number of nutrients in spinach as well as beta-carotene, vitamins C, E, potassium and magnesium are the sources of vitamins in the fight against asthma.

3. Kiwi
Healthy Foods For Asthma

Kiwi fruit entered into the list of healthy fruits that are good to be consumed to cope with preventing and treating asthma. This has been tested in children who experience breathing disorders related to asthma. High vitamin C content in kiwi fruit is very good for the health of the body.

A study stated children who diligently consume kiwi fruit to 6-7 servings a week decreased the intensity of symptoms of wheeze by almost half. This will certainly better compared with other children who do not consume kiwi fruit.

4. Yougurt

Healthy Foods For Asthma

Yougurt contains probiotics and beneficial bacteria to the body which serves to reduce inflammation that occurs in the body. In addition, the probiotics in the yougurt can also reduce allergic reactions. The content of probiotics in the yougurt can also serve to reduce the risk of allergies to be one of the triggers of asthma.

5. Carrots
Healthy Foods For Asthma

In addition to some of the ingredients of foods and drinks above, carrots are also entered into the ranks of the healthy foods that are safe for consumption of sufferers of asthma. The content of anti-oxidants such as beta carotene enters the body will be changed into vitamin A. you Know, the beta carotene will be able to ward off the onset of asthma especially an asthma attack that occurs when the patient has been doing heavy physical activity.

6. Ginger
Healthy Foods For Asthma

Ginger is one of the spices in the ancient world. In addition, apparently there is content that is good in ginger that can be useful to treat asthma, which ginger has eel a strong anti-inflammatory that will give a distinctive taste that is also nutritious to be able to relieve inflammation.

Similarly, some of the food and drink that can be consumed by people with asthma, because the food above is safe and efficacious. May be useful.