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Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

Healthy eating

Healthy eating in the Workplace

Consume healthy foods in the workplace is a challenge for many people. The main cause is busy in the office that makes no time to enjoy healthy foods, foods that are generally sold usually foods that are practical and have good nutritional content, and other challenges because healthy food is usually not preferred and defeated with fast food. However, unhealthy foods can certainly undermine Your health in addition to that will make excess weight.

Solution Eat Healthy

Although it looks difficult, but You can fix Your diet for the better. Here is some practical solution to Your busy:
Don't forget the breakfast

Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

Breakfast will increase productivity because it can reduce fatigue, drowsiness and help so that You can concentrate well. On waking, the brain's metabolism is increased so that it takes glucose as energy. Of glucose in the body on the morning of the decreased because You are not eating all night when sleeping.

Breakfast Menu is food that requires time to digest, for example, whole wheat bread with an egg plus onions, peppers, and tomatoes.
Don't miss out on lunch
Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

Lunch in the workplace is important because, in addition to filling the stomach, lunch is also a time that Your body rest for a moment. Preferably, the lunch was not done at the work desk but moved from the workbench will help to keep the body and mind refreshed and improve Your mood.

Note also the lunch menu is selected. It is okay to occasionally eat lunch at the roadside or a restaurant with a menu that is less healthy. But, do every day to keep the body healthy. Eating out is okay, with the terms still meet the needs of the body against the fiber, protein, and carbohydrates in accordance portion. Lunch Menu good is 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates.
Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

The temptation to enjoy snacks may arise due to the presence of co-workers who bring snacks or pastries provided when meeting. A healthy Diet does not mean abstinence enjoy a snack, so it is okay to snack if you know the rules.

Rules snacking is noticed portions and calorie snacks. Do not because seem small and not filling, You enter too many calories from snacks. This can cause severe band increases. Also, avoid fried foods because they contain excess fat.
Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

The Menu of healthy snacks is boiled food such as sweet potatoes or boiled bananas, whole wheat crackers, benefits of yogurt or dark chocolate.
Sipping tea and coffee

Tea and coffee used to accompany every day in Your office. For some people sipping tea and coffee has become a habit hard to break. In fact, the body feels is not powered if not sipping this drink. Consume tea or coffee is allowed but just not too much.

The portion of tea or coffee is allowed is 1 teaspoon or coffee with sugar and a half spoon and do not exceed 2 cups a day. It would be better if not mixed creamer or sugar because it will increase the calories.
Tips Healthy eating in the Workplace

Dinner healthy

Generally, there is no activity that requires a lot of energy at night. So, for dinner, the carbohydrate portion can be reduced. If You have to overtime and choose to eat at home, to withstand hunger, You can choose a healthy snack or fruits. The dinner Menu is vegetables, protein or fruit.
With took the time to eat the portions and the right composition, will help You have enough energy to do day-to-day busy, avoid illness, maintain ideal body weight and physical appearance is maintained.