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narcissists and children

Note: before reading this post, you may want to check out my post on how to tell if you have abusive parents here.

This post focuses heavily on Dr. Judy Rosenberg's work. But first I will explain tell-tale signs of narcissistic abusive parenting:

One way to tell if you have a narcissistic or sociopathic parent is what the cartoon is about (and Dr. Judy Rosenberg confers it in her videos and writings): the parents place themselves, their needs, desires, wants, agendas, way ahead of their own children.

Here are some instances where parents put their desires and needs first:
1. A woman in her early thirties is diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Her mother, who has booked a trip for a safari, does not cancel, and is away for two months, never calls. They are estranged now.
2. A sixteen year old girl attempts suicide and is hospitalized. Her mother decides during her hospitalization on a sudden wedding with her boyfriend, and takes off for Europe for a honeymoon. These "parents&quo…

Where do you put people in your mind who have seriously hurt you? Do you try to forget them? -- a personal story

Breathing Life Into Darkness If interested, I am selling prints of this HERE(original may also be available)
I do have an important post to share on children, but this time I am focusing on PTSD and my own life, trying to figure out an issue which has stumped me for years. It isn't anything I can research like so many of the other subjects I write about here. It is THE one thing that keeps recovery a bit more illusive than I would like it to be.

Here is my story, briefly:

From 2013 - 2016, my life was under siege. In those years, ten very close people in my life died. It was literally one funeral after another after another ... ending up with "my twin" dying at the end of 2016 suddenly and without warning, without symptoms. When "my twin" died, part of me died too in that I felt like I was "stripped down" to just the barest minimum, a ragged survivor standing on top of a barren hill at night in the freezing cold.

In one of those years there were six surger…