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My fantasy art -- always thinking about abuse survivors even then

"The Attraction" © 2017 by Lise Winne available for sale as prints and on home decor products HERE original to be shown in a local gallery two-person show. Details HERE
Even when I make this kind of art, I am still thinking about survivors of abuse. You can click HERE (to my art blog) to find out why. Note: it is all about the symbolism.
Here is a piece where I dedicated the design to my fellow survivor bloggers, Lenora Thompson and 500 Pound Peep:
"Three Messengers" © 2017 by Lise Winne available for sale as prints and on home decor products HERE original to be shown in a local gallery two-person show. Details HERE
I am looking forward to showing my art with Marina Petro, who I like to think of as my kindred spirit in art.
I will be back soon with a new post about how to tell if you have abusive parents and another post about trauma bonding. There are also more interviews in the works. And most importantly of all, some more posts on strategies I have discovered for healing f…

Part II: Never Get Involved in Abusive Relationships Again

"Three Messengers" (painted version) © 2017 by Lise Winne design dedicated to Lenora Thompson and Five Hundred Pound Peeps
This time, I'm not going to say as much on this topic because I have a great link at the end of this post.

If you read Part I on healing from abuse, you know that one of the first parts of healing has to do with not exposing yourself to your abuser any more, saying no to any more abuse.

I think many survivors feel as if they have lived in a war zone, and after it is all over, they feel as though they are thrown into a cold desert as well. It is not an easy ride, and is quite painful for most of us.

Your abuser has either become physically abusive, or he's discarded you (and discarded you without any support, and even taking away as much support as he possibly can: your mutual relationships, perhaps leaving you financially stranded as well, perhaps trying to take your kids away, or your dignity away with erroneous allegations and smear campaigns).

Abuse …

shaming from abusers, narcissists

In this post I talk about how children and adults react to shaming. At the end of the post, I also talk about why narcissists shame others and what it had to do with their childhoods.

Note: abuse is primarily perpetrated by people who have Cluster B personality disorders. It can also be perpetrated sometimes by alcoholics who are under the influence of their drug. See my post on who perpetrates abuse HERE.

In this post I primarily talk about narcissistic abuse.

Shaming is usually one of the first abuses that the narcissist uses in his awful bag of abusive tricks.

Shaming is defined from the Out of the Fog website as:

a technique used by abusive people to divert attention away from their own behavior and issues by putting pressure on a victim so they can maintain control. The victim is put into an impossible situation, where they feel they are inherently flawed and so can never measure up to the standards being imposed on them, and therefore must dedicate themselves to attempting to make u…