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my mother rejects me and doesn't love me because ...

© Lise Winne
Please note: this post is about an abusive parent, not about parents or parenting in general. Read about what constitutes an abusive parent from this post.  
Abusive parents are generally rejecting and unloving. They practice, make-up, break-up on a consistent basis with most of their children, unless the child is a "golden child favorite" (favoritism).
The graphic above are all typical reasons abusive parents will give you for your not being loved.  
Also, the above reasons for why Mom does not love you are defined as emotional abuse. Abusive mothers can sometimes tell their children that they love them, but rejection is not love. In other words, the love they claim to feel is not believable. Love requires empathy. A lack of empathy is not love; it is the opposite of love. 
Your mother may claim that you don't love her, so in reaction, she doesn't love you. This is retaliatory tit-for-tat parenting and that kind of reaction is always categorized as child abu…