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why abusers and narcissists say it is all your fault every time something goes wrong

If you have been around abusers, you know that they blame a lot. They blame their co-workers, they blame their bosses, they blame their parents, they blame their family, and if you have any issues with them, they blame you too. In fact, the first thing they do if an issue arises is to start blaming you.

Most abusers have personality disorders, notably Cluster B personality disorders.

A trait that most narcissists, sociopaths and abusers in all facets have in common is that they tell you, others and themselves that you are 100 percent at fault for what goes wrong between you.

The exceptions are these: if they have just met you, they will be love bombing you, and in order to draw you in, they may make some exceptions to your being 100 percent at fault for issues that rise between you. The other exception is when they are trying to hoover you back in. I have yet to do a post on hoovering, but the premise is that it is part of the make-up stage in the cycle of abuse: idealize, devalue, destr…