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Is "No Contact" a Brainwashing of Masses of Adult Children to Hurt Their Parents?

In this post I take up the challenge that the incredible rise of estrangements by adult children are to hurt their parents (I don't believe that is true in the high majority of cases and I explain why, and I also do not believe that it is brainwashing either). I also talk towards the end of the post about how parents can greatly minimize the risks of becoming estranged from their children.

Here is the post to click on where parents complain that their adult children are being brainwashed into going "no contact" with parents: The Brainwashing Behind Going No Contact (981 Posts)

It is true that there is an overwhelming number (compared to past decades) of adult children who are permanently estranged from their parents. The claim is that children "think" they have parents who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder, and because of that, are going "no contact" in record numbers. They claim that survivors are gathering toge…