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Why Laws Need to Change for Child Abuse Survivors: Machiavellian Gaslighting, Dangerous Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Splitting and Attacks by Narcissistic and Sociopath Parents

If this post doesn't convince you that child abuse laws must be changed to make parents more legally accountable for their actions, who inflict psychological and emotional abuse and damage on their children, I don't know what will.

I am also personally fed up with so many psychologists on the web grooming patients to take all of the responsibility for what happened to them. So many advertisements! "Heal From a Narcissistic Relationship in 7 Steps!", "Stop Thinking About the Narcissist and Work on Your Life Goals" (even when so many narcissists are dangerous?!?), "Stop Placating Narcissists and Start Responding in Smart Ways!" (again: why does a victim have to outsmart a narcissist? - why is it on the victim's shoulders and not on the shoulders of law enforcement?), "Scapegoat of a Narcissist: Ten Strategies for Healing!" (really? Scapegoats, most of whom have been traumatized to such extremes that most psychologists can't even ima…