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Survivors of Abuse Tell Their Stories, Survivors Speak Out on an Array of Questions and Issues

Note: This is a brand new page I have added to my blog, and more will be added and fleshed out as time allows for an array of topics. This page can also be found under the "NEWS, INTERVIEWS, SURVIVOR STORIES" to the right.

* Does the gray rock method work for family scapegoats? Scapegoat survivors weigh in.
"The gray rock method" is sometimes suggested by mental health practitioners to keep your abuser from attacking you. But does it work for family scapegoats? Read what they have to say.


* Survivor stories are towards the end of this post: Why Laws Need to Change for Child Abuse Survivors: Machiavellian Gaslighting, Dangerous Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Splitting and Attacks by Narcissistic and Sociopath Parents
includes a pet killing mother, a child is being sexually abused and the mother tries to convince her that her toys are going missing because she is deemed to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, two girls are sexually abused by an older brother and taught to look at it as a divine experience brought to them by God, and other stories

* A number of black sheep weigh in on How to Have a Wonderful Christmas even when you have a toxic or narcissistic family.

* Iced out of a holiday event? One good holiday cure when it comes to your narcissistic mother - includes many survivor stories that may make you not miss your family (includes funny anecdotes as well as some tragic ones, but gives you an idea that some of the same "themes" run in dysfunctional families